Some of the Common Questions Asked to an Emergency Plumber Installing Plumbing Vents

Is your emergency plumber required to set up plumbing vents for you? Yes, he is. If your property falls under the standard building code, then a trap should be present in all of your appliances. All of your fixtures should possess a corresponding vent too. Otherwise, your local authorities can easily file a lawsuit against you for not following the code.



The rate for the installation of plumbing vents is not that expensive. Due to the heavy competition in the plumbing field, you can easily find an emergency plumber who would be willing to do this task at an affordable price.


As a homeowner, you should never give less importance to your plumbing vents. They may not be as popular as the pipes in your system but they remain as an essential part in its assembly. In fact, without the presence of the right plumbing vents, health hazards can easily happen to everyone who is living inside your home. Thus, have these things installed by a professional emergency plumber at all cost.


Where Should Your Contractor Place Them?


When it comes to the vent stack of your property, it is required to be installed in a position that is 5ft away from its main appliance. The same distance applies to all the vents that you would need to place in your toilets, bath tubs, showers and sinks. Failure to do so would result again to a violation of the code and the possible occurrence of major plumbing problems.


Can Blockages Occur in Plumbing Vents?


Yes, they certainly can. In fact, it is not unusual for a plumbing vent to experience disruption in its operation.


What Can Cause These Blockages?


The presence of a dead animal, leaves and ice can result to a blockage in your plumbing vents. Rust can also accumulate in an old venting system which requires to be cleaned on a regular basis.


What are the Signs of Blocked Plumbing Vents?


If bubbles appear in your toilet after you press the flush button and if the water in your sink doesn’t drain quickly, then your plumbing vents are certainly blocked. Call your local plumbers right away.